Reinstate Medical Exams and Interviews in Havana, Cuba.

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On May 8th 2019 the process for the Canadian permanent residency became extremely difficult to attain. The process has always included a medical exam and occasionally an interview before a Visa is issued to the applicant. Because of the changes, the applicants will have no other choice but to travel to another country to get the medical exam done and if the applicant is required, the interview as well.

It means that our family members will be forced to go to another country to get the obligatory medical request done for the Canadian immigration process and then, if permission is granted in the country of choice, they must travel to that country to do the mandatory medical exam and if inquired also an interview.

The possibility of reunification of families has become a long, complex and incredibly expensive affair for all of us. 

These request are extremely costly and time consuming for many people, a lot of the applicants cannot afford this new expensive process, especially with their already low monthly salaries.

March 2020 update **Even more so now, the necessity of the reinstatement of the medical exam and the possible interview are a must and need to be reinstated in Havana. With the risk of the coronavirus while traveling, the government of canada should make these requests readily available within Cuba to all the applicants of the permanent residency, to avoid the spread of the coronavirus

We, the undersigned, Citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the House of Commons to join us in supporting the reinstatement of the medical exams and interviews in Havana, Cuba. This will help speed up the process, reduce the already expensive costs to the Canadian Permanent Resident application process and reunite families in a more timely manner.