Reduce Canadian Dependency On Foreign Oil Now

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According to Natural Resource Canada, Canada’s energy sector employed (directly and indirectly) more than 830,000 workers including nearly 150,000 in Alberta. Contrast $14 billion for 21,800 workers in two companies in Ontario compared to $2.5 billion for 150,000 workers in Alberta.*

It’s also important to note that the energy sector generated more than $220 billion in economic activity and represented nearly 11 percent of Canada’s economy. Perhaps most importantly, the energy sector also contributes nearly $17 billion to government coffers through corporate income taxes, sales and payroll taxes, royalties and land sales.*

"Just because we're in a health crisis doesn't mean we can neglect the environmental crisis." - Justin Trudeau

 “No country would find 173 billion barrels of oil in the ground and leave them there” - Justin Trudeau 

We as Canadians agree with both quotes and support you. However, a third crisis is obviously at hand, and that is the economic crisis that is facing Canada and in fact the rest of the world. For nearly a month, Canada’s oil and gas sector (which includes workers, investors and entrepreneurs) has desperately needed a robust plan to restore the sector’s confidence. The government must produce a plan to help one of Canada’s most important sectors while at the same time doing our part to achieve our emission goals. 

Now it is time for our elected officials to support Canadians and take meaningful action to protect our economic interests - the crisis over which we actually have some direct control.

The first step should be to take drastic measures to reduce and eventually eliminate Canadian dependency on foreign oil. Canada has some of the most ethical and environmentally rigorous requirements that many countries do not share. 

“As long as we are using fossil fuels we should be using our fossil fuels,” -  Elizabeth May.

Furthermore, the human rights records of the countries from which we import oil is atrocious and should not be condoned through ongoing economic activity. It is critical during this time of moving away from a carbon-based environment, that we use only what we can produce on Canadian soil - where are standards of environmental regulation and human rights apply.

We Canadians will support a special new carbon tax of $25.00 USD per imported barrel of oil effective May 15, 2020. We will agree to a $10.00 USD increase in this new carbon tax on an annual basis over the next 10 years. This will allow for increased tax revenue on imported oil which can be used to offset costs toward social programs and other green initiatives. 

This carbon tax and economic initiative will help level the playing field and allow our energy industry an opportunity to recover and give time for energy-producing provinces to diversify their economies. We all know that diversification cannot happen overnight. Furthermore, we believe that a continental approach toward energy is critical and so believe that coordination with our partners in the US and Mexico is necessary to gain and maintain energy independence.

Energy is still one product that we need and require to live and it is quite clear that fossil fuels. There is no better time, than now to take action.

* Source - The Fraser Institute