Recognise 'Incels' as a Terrorist/Hate Group

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As most people are well aware by now, a man in Toronto took it upon himself to drive a van through two kilometres of pedestrian walkway, killing ten people and injuring many more.

This man is well-known, and associated with, the Incel 'movement.'

Incel stands for 'involuntarily celibate,' which on the surface seems harmless, if a little absurd. Incels (primarily white, primarily men) are a group that blame numerous issues outside of themselves as the reason they are celibate. They demonise women, dehumanise them, and advocate violence because of the perceived 'wrongs' they're being subjected to. More information can be found below.

Incels are violent people, and while many of them may not commit outright violence, there is evidence in their digital spaces that they passively and actively wish harm on people. The recent news proliferation of the Incel 'movement' is dangerous, because it legitimises the idea that these people are in any way looking to gain positive traction in society.

It's not a movement. It's terrorism. This is how terrorism grows. We, the undersigned, want it to stop, and are therefore petitioning the Canadian government to recognise any self-affirmed Incels as terrorists, or members of a hate group.