Put pressure on PM Abiy to end his reign of terror and Oromo ethnic cleansing post-haste

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Dear Honorable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The citizens of Ethiopia are currently living in extremely horrifying situations. The state of the Oromo, a sizeable ethnic group within Ethiopia, is dire, and their basic rights as humans are being repeatedly violated on an utterly inordinate scale. The sadder part is that the government of PM Abiy, through the use of mass media propaganda, and through hate mongering and fear mongering speeches, attempts to justify the atrocities being committed against the Oromos, who are constantly being dehumanized. These attempts are succeeding in misleading many. Abiy’s government spares no effort in continuing to spread the misinformation campaign to the majority through a large number of platforms, especially social media. Everyone’s time is precious, and so through but a few examples, I will try to give an idea of the scale on which the Oromo peoples’ human rights are being violated by the government without a second thought.

I will start off by listing just two recent incidents. A distant cousin of mine, Mohammed Kaliil, only 13 years old, was out riding his bike when he was shot dead by PM Abiy's military. He hadn't been doing anything wrong. In the same week, another child, this one only a 10-year-old girl, Nahili Ibsa, was shot dead by the same military in Awaday, in the Hararghe region of Ethiopia.

These inhumane actions are not the end of it, however. There are also several incidents where regular Oromo citizens – be they children, women or elderly – are abused and killed by the military. For example, for no apparent reason, a nine months pregnant Oromo woman, Lammi, was shot by security forces in the same town of Awaday. An eyewitness report says that she was pleading for water while the officer who shot her stepped on her and showed no mercy until she died. Once again, I couldn't believe my ears as I heard about this incident, and incidents like these are but the tip of the iceberg.

 I do not doubt your reaction to these occurrences will be the same as mine and every other person of conscience. I have no doubt that these same thoughts will cross your mind. Thoughts like "How can a country call themselves a Federal 'Democratic' Republic when democracy is but a dream for its own oppressed citizens", and "What is the most I can do to help out those in need? ". I have done my most to act on these thoughts, and I hope and trust that you and all who learn of this, (whether through this message or otherwise), will do their best as well. For more information on the violations of human rights by Abiy’s government, please refer to Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International reports

 Please take a stand and help end Abiy’s reign of terror by putting pressure on his government to end the oppression of his own citizens in Ethiopia.

Sincerely, Hamza Omer, a concerned Canadian citizen