Protect the children

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My children have been wrongfully removed from me twice. The Ministry of Children and Families is geared towards females. I’m going to petition for a new law. I’m naming it after my middle son, Avery.  Avery’s Law will give parents the tools they need when they face a protection order and or removal of their children. Avery’s Law will criminally charge people for making false reports regarding children. Avery’s Law will reveal the identity of those making reports so the integrity of the caller can be brought into question. I had an ex brother make a false report against myself because he was having a bad day - RCMP FILE #2018-28619. The police even closed the file as the accusations were unfounded. Yet the ministry continues to use these false accusations as a way to defame my character in the report they used to remove my children. This why any complaints brought against any Ministry worker should be attached to any removal order so a judge can make a better educated decision when it comes to removal of a child. The ministry workers conduct and behaviour should be brought under scrutiny when they abuse their power. Avery’s Law would allow this to happen. Avery’s Law would allow both parents to receive instant access to ministry and police files. I’ve been waiting over 8 months to receive my police files and still have not received them. I waited over 7 months to get my ministry file. Even though my ex wife has broke my nose in front of my kids - RCMP FILE #2013-19510, police remove the children from her care and given them to me because she’s heavily intoxicated and unable to care for them - RCMP FILE #2015-25882, broken into my house with an axe and smashed my house up and police removed her from my house -RCMP FILE #2015-18875, the Ministry of Children continue’s to ignore me, make up complete lies they can’t prove, and drag their feet in court. My children hid in a closet on December 4 2016. I called the police from one cell phone while I had my kids on the other cell phone. The police were 1km away and I was over 20km away. I beat the police there and started filming. I have videos of my children running out of their moms house no shoes no shirt in the freezing December, into my arms after their mom abused them, then they watched their mom get arrested right in front of them - RCMP FILE #2016-40105. I’ve got 4 hour videos I’ve taken while I fall asleep out of fear. Countless pictures backing my stories. Dozens of police reports. The worst part of this, even though I have enough proof to not only shut down all accusations, I have enough proof to successful launch a lawsuit in Supreme Court against the ministry, no judge wants to hear what I have to say. Im guilty of swatting my children on the back of the head when they back talked an elder and used a teaspoon of hot sauce when they swore or back talked an elder. I’ve learned that this considered abuse and no use those methods as a form of discipline. Please change the laws so that children are protected and safe.