Protect Indigenous Inmates from COVID-19 Pandemic

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As history has shown the Indigenous population is more venerable to viruses and diseases and given there is a higher percentage of Indigenous offenders incarcerated in British Columbia this has the potential of being catastrophic and detrimental to the Indigenous population. The only way to keep the incarcerated Indigenous population safe is to release them. British Columbia should strongly consider releasing low risk and parole eligible inmates immediately to thin out the incarcerated population as the number of COVID-19 infections in our country continues to rise.

These men and women are living in a petri dish; once the corona-virus makes its way into the prison (if it hasn’t already) it will have an inevitable devastating outcome that will affect inmates as well as their families.

Globally there are considerations to release inmates due to the pandemic (some of which already have) as they see the risk this poses for inmates, prison workers, and the entirety of our population. We should be doing everything in our power to protect our people, before the blood of the Indigenous are on the hands of the Canadian government once again.

Please take a moment to sign this petition to release our low risk, and parole eligible Indigenous brothers and sisters, and to stop the spread of this devastating virus.