Please, save my Canadian sick son life before it is too late

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Please help our sick son, Abdulrhaman ELbahnasawy, who is suffering from mental illness in the US prison system.

Abdulrahman was arrested in the US with unfair reasons, and continuing to suffer from his bad health situation in the US prison.

He was a minor (17 years old) when he got entraped by the FBI, with the help of RCMP. Both agencies knew of his mental problem and so entrapped him online; taking advantage of his unstable mental health, while he was manic and on the waiting list for mental health treatment.

The RCMP obtained Abdulrahman's medical records from CAMH one week before the arrest and provided it to the FBI.

Abdulrahman was pressured to plead guilty in the absence of his Canadian lawyer, resulting in a sentence of 40 years.

Our son is thrown in a harsh prison environment that threatens his life daily. As a result of the poor medical treatment in US prisons, Abdulrahman has attempted suicide 4 times.

The US prison system gives priority for US citizens only. His family is facing a lot of problems visiting him because of the far distance between the prison and his family home in Toronto.

Please help us by signing this petition.

We urge the Canadian government to interfere and bring Abdulrahman to his home in Canada, for better medical treatment and be near to his family.

Please consider Abdulrahman as your son or loved one.

We need your action to protect our Canadian kids.