Plasticless Canada

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2.86 billion plastic bags were used in 2012 in Canada, in addition to this 57 million straws were also used in Canada. In spite of the fact that plastic is not easy to recycle, and decomposition of plastic on its own takes 200 years or more. The numbers of Canadians using plastic is phenomenal, and it's growing every day. These small straws and bags are impacting our civilization as we know it. Our environment is getting punished by our choices and decisions, and we as Canadians have to change our choice to a better and cleaner future. Banning straws and plastic bags is the beginning to a cleaner and sufficient country for us and marine animals.

Marine Animals are getting impacted by our decisions. Nearly 100’000 marine animals have died from garbage related deaths from Canada, and 5 marine species are going extinct. Our choices are impacting several whole species. We as Canadians have a decision to stop that, to make a decision to lessen the death of thousands of marine animals. Alternatives have been made forsooth that it's safer for marine animals to live peacefully in the oceans.

An alternate version of plastic bags and plastic straws have been in the making, and they are all eco-friendly.

~Hessian bags

~Jute bags

~ Polyspheren bags

~ Edible Straw

~ Biodegradable Straws

~ Silicon Straws

This petition was created to urge the Canadian government to ban straws and plastic bags to ensure a healthy environment for our future.

Please sign this petition, for a better life for your kids future and yours.

Use the hashtag#plasticlesscanada to give awareness. Let’s start changing Canada one piece of plastic at a time.