Peaceful Resolution for Kashmir

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At least 300 people have been detained in Indian-occupied Kashmir since the state was stripped of its special status.

The region has been in lockdown state since Sunday evening. Internet, mobile phone networks and landlines were cut off; and political leaders, including two former chief ministers, were put under house arrest as well as activists, business leaders and professors were reportedly among those being held in makeshift detention centres.

The UN has said the latest restrictions imposed on Indian-occupied Kashmir are deeply concerning and "will exacerbate the human rights situation".

India has revoked Article 370, which guaranteed significant autonomy to the Muslim-majority state that has been turned into an illegal occupation by Indian Armed forces.

It has been said that India is planning to carry out Rohingya style ethnic cleansing in Kashmir resulting mass refugees crisis in the region.

We would like to request to Honorable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Honorable Member of Parliament Chandra Arya to intervene in this matter diplomatically to bring India to the discussion table to solve the matter peacefully.