Peace for Kashmir!

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Today, Jammu and Kashmir is the world’s most militarised region. There are 500,000+ Indian troops in the valley empowered by draconian laws, especially the Armed Forces Special Powers Act.

Since the 1990 Kashmiri’s uprising, according to Kashmir Media Service, nearly 100,000 Kashmiri Muslims have been killed, more than 6,000 unmarked graves  have been found, more than 10,000 women have been raped by the Indian security forces using rape as a policy instrument.

The UN Report on Kashmir, published in June 2018, recognises gross human rights atrocities in Indian Administered Kashmir, including:
Killings | Torture | Rape & Gang Rape | Excessive use of force | Illegal Draconian Laws | Enforced Disappearances | Use of Pellet – Firing Shot Guns | Arbitrary Arrests and Detention including Minors
“It is a conflict that has robbed millions of their basic human rights and continues to this day to inflict untold suffering.”

We request the Canadian Prime Minister, United Nations and the OHCHR to keep plight of Kashmiris in their minds while dealing with their Indian counterparts and convince India to:

  • Allow UN Observers in Jammu and Kashmir to stop inhuman treatment of unarmed Kashmiris at the hands of the Indian Army.
  • Hold the Narendra Modi, the Indian Government, the Indian Army accountable for their cruelty & war crimes committed throughout the occupation.
  • Allow for the restoration of Human Rights to the Kashmiris.