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Stop the UN Compact On Migration in Canada

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The UN Migration Pact would see Canada open her borders to the world, intensifying the migrant crisis. This would inevitably result in increased migration to Canada. The reality of this pact is that it will legitimize and encourage mass illegal economic immigration which would add to the worlds existing 244 million migrants and is tantamount to an 'open borders pact'. In addition, the Pact goes even further to encourage nations to open their welfare systems as part of what is agreed to in the Pact. This would see tax revenue diverted away from health, education, etc., where it is badly needed, in order to pay welfare costs for more migrants.
The UN Migration Pact was also lobbied for by the big banks and 'big money' corporations to create an endless flow of human resources to serve their plans of globalist expansionism at the expense of the nation-state and national sovereignty.

The Pact is also anti-democratic in nature as each countries' representative assumes the power to make civilizational level decisions without any democratic mandate or any consultation to the people of those nations who will bear the loss of sovereignty and identity through increased levels of migration.

The Pact has a totalitarian approach with regards to any opposition to it by encouraging nations to create laws against the basic right of freedom of speech. The following quotes from the Pact reveal this clearly:

-"Promote independent, objective and quality reporting of media outlets, including internet based information, including by sensitizing and educating media professionals on migration-related issues and terminology, investing in ethical reporting standards and advertising, and stopping allocation of public funding or material support to media outlets that systematically promote intolerance, xenophobia, racism and other forms of discrimination towards migrants"

-"inform public perceptions regarding the positive contributions of safe,
orderly and regular migration, and to end racism, xenophobia
and stigmatization"

We have already seen this in Canada with the passing of M-103 which criminalizes 'hate speech' against Islam, while failing to define what 'hate speech' is. This creates a system of fear where people do not feel safe to express their opinions and encourages dilution of facts for fear they may be labelled as hate speech. The problem with this kind of language in this written Pact is that it leaves no room for revealing or discussing the negative impacts of migrations or migrants on local populations and citizens and seeks to criminalize speaking out against migrations or migrants in any form, as all forms of disagreement are then labelled as racism and xenophobia. We also saw this during this past summer when our PM called a Quebec woman a racist at one of his rallies, simply for asking the question on what he plans to do about all the illegal migrants entering our country. 

The fact is that this Pact will not only affect those of us alive today. It will affect the futures of our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren as well as their children and great-grandchildren. It will negatively impact Canada as we know it, and all Canadians, for many generations to come.

Canada is still a democracy, by the people and FOR the people of Canada, and Canadians appointed our leaders with trust that our leaders would support our interests. The majority of Canadians have no interest in opening our borders to more illegal immigrants. Canadians have no interest in paying more tax dollars towards welfare programs that will support more uneducated, unvetted economic immigrants to come into our country and be housed, given welfare, and prioritized over our own homeless, veterans, and seniors. Canadians are Nationalists, not Globalists, and as such we take pride in our country and have no interest in losing what we have worked hard to build; what our grandparents and great-grandparents have worked hard to build. Canadians have no interest in losing our sovereignty.

Canadians have always been welcoming people and as such we support orderly immigration, vetted by the systems, processes, and protections we have had in place for many years. This includes a secure border, proper and thorough background checks, ensuring that immigrants have knowledge of our two official languages and ensuring that the majority of those we allow the privilege of entering our country are those who are willing to work to contribute economically to our country and to share in our customs, traditions and values. Canada has been relatively successful in supporting our country to become a multicultural nation with the current systems and laws we have in place. We support immigration when done reasonably, properly, and legally. We support immigration when we are guaranteed our lives, our futures, our security, and our sovereignty are not compromised. The UN Global Compact on Migration does nothing to guarantee these rights, and all that we value and hold dear in this country will be put at risk by signing this pact. Canadians do not support open borders! Canadians do not support the UN Global Compact on Migration!

Whilst the Pact isn't legally binding, once a nation signs up to it, that nation will of course begin implementing the rules of the Pact. We therefore call on Justin Trudeau and all members of the Liberal Party in Canada to join Australia, the USA, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria and Slovakia by withdrawing Canada from the United Nations Migration Pact.

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