Reducing the E-waste in Canada

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Recycling Electronics in Canada - a Concern and Proposed Action

Petition to reduce E-waste in Canada

I am writing this e-letter/petition to call on the Federal government, Ontario government and other provinces and territories to take more action on  recovering the E-waste in our province.

E-waste recycling programs have risen by 60% in 2016 up from 2013 which is a fantastic report, but still in that same year Canadians only recycled 20% of all E-waste we generated.

We need to raise awareness of these programs by a significant amount and make them more readily available to the public. In 2013, 24% of cellphones were reported to have been brought back to the retailer.  This number seems like a positive statistic however, most retailers do not have a recycling program so the chance those devices were properly taken care of is unlikely.

To handle these issues I urge the Ontario Government issue new legislation requiring either all shopping malls with an electronics retailer or the electronics retailer themselves to offer electronics recycling. Since some Canadians are already bringing their electronics back to the retailers when they are finished with them why not have these locations also be the e-waste depots.

In addition to  of the consumer purchased electronics that would be dealt with through these e-waste depots it would also manage the e-waste the stores themselves generate. None of the studies of e-waste in Canada looked at the retailers themselves. If 54% of Canadians reported they brought their e-waste to depots in 2013 then why are  we only seeing a small percentage of our electronics in recycling depots?

I believe business are accountable for this difference and it’s simply because they don't have a program themselves to properly dispose of these electronics.

As a worldwide society we all need to play our stewardship for the planet roles and be held accountable for our actions. E-waste contains rare earth metals and it is urgent we re-use these materials  in our manufacturing of other products or they will run out. As a result, we will not be able to enjoy the same luxuries we know today. In addition mining for these resources is costly and not without environmental consequences to the land from with they are extracted. Re-using and recovery is also less expensive than mining both environmentally and economically.

Please sign our petition to help promote E-waste recycling, to  raise awareness of the issue of inadequate E-waste recycling, to develop more e-waste recycling locations including vendor shops and malls, and to promote/support e-waste recycling by vendors.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter/petition and I hope you pause and really think of the gravity of our situation with regards to E-waste.


Suggested references for further information

Background Research
-EPRA keeps 100,000 metric tonnes of e-waste out of landfills.
- 26% of households in 2013 owned an unwanted TV
- 54% percent reported bring them to a depot for electronics recycling
- E-waste recycling programs have seen a 60% increase in 2016 from 2013
- in 2013 24% of households reported bring them back to a retailer while 5% through them in the garbage.
-Canadians only recycled 20% of its e waste in 2016
-24% of Canadians brought cellphones back to retailer in 2013