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The carbon tax has done nothing but destroy Canadian jobs in the energy industry and manufacturing sector. This is evident by the rising unemployment rates and lack of investment in the energy industry in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia, as well as all manufacturing jobs in Ontario.

Equalization Payments
The equalization payment formula used to distribute these payments is fundamentally flawed. “Have not” provinces continue to receive, but do not recognize the tremendous contributions of the “have” provinces. They have reaped the benefits of this faulty system while the rest of Canada suffers. To add insult to injury, we are battling within our own country because these same “have not” provinces are stifling the prosperity of our nation. We ALL prosper when our country prospers.

The migration compact that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau signed on December 10, 2018 has all but surrendered our borders to the United Nations. We MUST maintain our sovereignty and all immigration laws and policy must be made by Canadians. Justin Trudeau has ignored the continuous, loud public outcry of every day Canadians.

Elected officials work FOR THE PEOPLE. It’s time they remember that.

• Reverse the job-killing carbon tax
• Maintain our sovereignty and pull out of the UN migrant compact.
• Renegotiate equalization agreement.

I'm just a regular, self-employed Albertan and I’m sick and tired of seeing my hard-earned money be squandered away but out of touch politicians. I see my friends and fellow Albertans starving and hurting They’re looking for good paying work because of this government's out of touch policies (the carbon tax) and complete disregard for the economic engine of this country - the energy industry.

Somebody needs to take a stand and say enough is enough, this is not what I signed up for as a Canadian taxpayer. I don’t think any of us did.