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I want to start a petition for the impeachment of prime minister Trudeau!

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Canadians needs a real leader not a clown puppet who hasn't got a clue. Like the Ontario Liberals who have destroyed Ontario, the Federal Liberals will destroy Canada. I am tired of dem politicians are playin wit our lives here! WE don't need any refugees or immigrants here in CANADA!! Listen to your fellow canadians hold a poll and you ll know we need safety, security and sovereignty in place for our country! We want our clueless clown turdeau to step down effective immediately he is endagering our nation and economy! Won't be long before USA closes our borders to us and TRUMP will do it cause Trudeau  is antagonisin & challengin TRUMP. He has done nothing right since he was sworn in he increased the debt uch higher than what it was , 12 lucrative paid vacations on taxpayers expense including undisclosed trips to Aga Khan, taxpayers paying 2 live in babysitters and allowing 25000 syrians and 20000 more to come! Enuff is nuff! 

I think 25000 last year and he is bringing in another 40000 this year is just quite enough. When he puts others first , second and third above Canada and Canadians that have to pay for these people, for a year federally and then they can get provincial welfare its too much, I would like to help some of my own family and cant. And yet am forced thru taxes to give homes, medical, education , childcare etc to other, its just not right there are too many people wanting and getting everything for nothing. What turdeau has done is open our borders to every one, no matter who they are...what a fool...doesn't care about the security of Canada

Jihadi Justin has to go, and has to go now! His bleeding heart and sypethitic ways are destroying the county! trudeau keeps saying that the majority of canadians want to bring more people into canada- we must take time to deal with our problems and need to take care of our own people who are without jobs, housing, ability to pay for prescriptions, and our ever increasing utility problems and costs not to  burden the canadian taxpayer further would be an injustice. Trudeau is not capable of handling the job as PM, and respectfully he should step down before he does further damage to canada and the interests of canadian citizens. Canada needs to say no more until we are strong and everyone here is taken care of and in good shape. He must step down effectively immediately please help me fellow canadians in delivering your message and sign my petition! Thank u in advance!


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