Our Government needs to continue CERB payments for the travel industry.

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Because of the continued restrictions on travel imposed by the government of Canada, the Canadians employed in the travel industry see no light at the end of the tunnel.

Most travel agents/advisors are self-employed and only compensated once our customers travel.

We have worked tirelessly over the last few months making $0, processing refunds and cancellations. 

We do not qualify for any other income assistance besides the CERB.  We are still working, everyday, but losing money as we are doing very little future business, just providing service to our affected customers, who are seeing their trip cancelled due to the ban on cruise ships in Canada, USA border closure.

Our industry will not begin to recover until travel restrictions are lifted and it will take months to be back to even a fraction of the business we used to have.

Canadians travelling in Canada, within their province, do not often use travel agents, so the little travel that will be happening in the next few months will not be very helpful to our recovery.

Please extend the CERB for those of us who are now just claiming our last payment.  We need help, so that we can continue to cater to our customers and be ready to help when the world opens again.  Once the USA border opens again, we might see some travel and hope to be able to make a living in the industry that we are all so passionate about.