Canada - Stop hostility towards job creators - introduce equitable mortgage rules for them

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Self-employed people and business owners support the backbone of the Canadian economy. As per Statistics Canada, Over 85% of jobs are created and offered by small businesses ( These include among others: lawyers, CPAs, Realtors, Brokers, etc. However, the government has instituted stricter mortgage rules for this large part of hard-working people. This is a clear discouragement. We should instead encourage these job creators. Housing is important to everyone. These people have the same right to housing and real estate investment as others. Still, they are not only subjected to much stricter stress test/financials but also are forced to pay higher insurance (CMHC or equivalent). On the other hand salaries, people are preferred, despite the fact, there are no lifetime job guarantees. If someone gets laid off, they might not get employment for a while.

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Prime Minister, Finance Minister, and members of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance are requested to look into this matter and remove this discrimination. It would rather be wise to give priority to self-employed people/small business owners, so as to encourage them to do what they are doing passionately, and adding so much to the economy!