#Operation Shutdown ALL Zimbabwean Embassies!!!!

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Zimbabwe has been facing severe crimes against humanity, human rights abuses, abductions & torture of citizens by the state police and army. This petition is to request for the closure of 3 major Zimbabwean Embassies in Ottawa, London and Washington D.C.

Just recently Zimbabweans had planned for a peaceful demonstration against corruption and looting by government officials. This resulted in numerous arrests, abductions and gruesome tortures of Zimbabwean citizens. We have seen the same violence perpetrated on civilians in 2018 when the army shot protestors in Harare, resulting in the death of some protestors and till today noone has been held responsible.

For 2 decades now Zimbabweans have been facing brutality from the ZANU PF GOVERNMENT and we as the citizens are requesting for more severe action towards the current government. We are appealing for the closure of those respective Zimbabwean embassies (Ottawa, London and Washington D.C) and the expulsion of its officials until there is change in Zimbabwe.

We as the citizens stand with our fellow brothers and sisters who are suffering under this government and your assistance regarding this matter is greatly appreciated! #ZimbabweanLivesMatter!!!!