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Open Iranian & Canadian Embassy in Ottawa & Tehran

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Formal diplomatic relations between the Government of Canada and Iran were established in 1955, with the opening of an Iranian mission in Ottawa in 1956 and the first Canadian Head of Mission dispatched to Tehran in 1959. During the following years, the two countries developed a significant commercial relationship, with almost 1,000 Canadian workers and contractors in Iran at the end of the 1970s.

The Canadian Embassy in Tehran remained open during the Islamic Revolution, but closed in 1980 following the safe departure of six members of the US Embassy who had been sheltering with Canadian diplomats. At the end of the Iran-Iraq war in 1988, Canada sent a large team of military observers under a United Nations mandate to help supervise the ceasefire.  At the same time, the Canadian Embassy re-opened, with an Ambassador named in 1990.  Throughout the 1990s, commercial relations between the two countries expanded rapidly, until Iran became one of Canada’s most important trading partners in the Middle East region.

A reciprocal diplomatic presence was maintained until September 2012, when Canada closed its embassy in Tehran and expelled Iranian diplomats from Ottawa for various reasons, including Iran’s non-compliance with United Nations Security Council resolutions regarding its nuclear program and Iran’s regional policies.


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The closure of Iranian Embassy in Ottawa has caused extreme hardship to Iranian-Canadians who are seeking assistance from the Iranian Government in relation to matters such as:

  • Passport Affairs
  • Vital Records
  • Student Affairs
  • Social Affairs
  • Visa Affairs

On the other hand many Iranians who are wishing to obtain VISA to Canada, must travel to Turkey in order to complete their VISA process via Canadian Embassy in Turkey.

The United States of America has bitter relationship with Islamic Republic of Iran since the Islamic revolution in 1979, but they have allowed operation of "Interest Section of The Islamic Republic of Iran" within Embassy of Pakistan in Washington, D.C., in order to ease this hardship on Iranian-Americans living inside the United States.

It is time for Canadian Liberal Government to consider this matter seriously and at least permit operation of an Interest Section of The Islamic Republic of Iran in Ottawa.  The conservative government has ignored rapid requests of thousands of Iranian-Canadians in relation to the mentioned matter since the closure of Iranian Embassy in 2012.  Politics aside, Canada and Iran both may stand to benefit economically from restarting relations.        

It is clear that Iran's issues over human rights violation will not get better by discontinuation of diplomatic relations. The closure of both embassies in Ottawa and Tehran has not made any significant positive impact on Iran's human rights violation issues since 2012.  On the other hand the negative impact of this closure is only on ordinary hardworking Iranian-Canadians who are currently living in Canada or Iranians who are hoping to obtain VISA to Canada. 

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