Objection to the law Bill9 of Québec government!

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Dear Prime Minister Mr.Justin Trudeau

This is the voice of the people who applied for Quebec skilled worker program and waited for several years for the treatment of their applications. All of them spent a lot of money and time to learn English and French, they endured an enormous amount of stress to pass the necessary exams. Many of them have small kids who are still waiting for a better future in Canada and now you are their only hope. Quebec's government wants to make an unfair and unjust decision to just simply cancel all the applications after all these years of waiting and suffering for these applicants. 

Many of these people ignored lots of opportunities, for example they even didn't get married, or ignored professional proposals just for the hopes of immigration.  But now all of them are surprised, dissapointed, shocked and upset following the Bill9 (PL9) which was presented on 7th February 2019 by Mr.Simon-Jolin Barrette!

Do you believe such a decision? It's so unfair and can destroy the lives and dreams of many women, men, children, mothers and fathers who have planned their lives for immigration and tried hard to achieve it for their family. 

This bill is in contradiction with the claim of Canada's government for the human rights while Quebec is going to ignore the right of many people!

You were right with other people when other governments were unfair to them. Please do not ignore these skilled workers. If Québec doesn't treat their applications, you accept them in another program. That's the only fair thing to do.

We wait for justice, because we believe that in Canada justice will be served.

Thank you in advance Mr Prime Minister, 

Honorable Justin Trudeau