No more lockdowns in Canada

No more lockdowns in Canada

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Why this petition matters

Started by Erica Pensini

COVID started in February 2019.

Canada has reacted to COVID with lockdowns, which affected small businesses and our economy as a whole, schools and young Canadians, culture, and future generations because of the heavy debt we accrued.

This is January 2022.

After almost three years of lockdowns and ineffective expenditures, Canada has not resolved COVID. Instead, we have hampered our economy, the education and future of young Canadians, and the livelihood of many.

Inflation has increased, while the average Canadian household revenue has decreased due to repeated lockdowns. As a result, the number of homeless Canadians and poverty have worsened.

Canada reports COVID cases. In contrast, it does not report the number of current and future deaths associated with loss of revenue, mental health issues, and insufficient services due to the Canadian reaction to COVID.

We request that lockdowns are revoked, since they have clearly proved ineffective in preventing the spread of COVID and have hampered our economy and well-being.


16 have signed. Let’s get to 25!