No Life saving worm/parasite medicine in Canada , get it here now

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Over one year ago I traveled to Dominican.

After I got back , I started noticing worms or parasites coming out of my mouth , I had rash in my hands feet face . I was given vermox 6 months later . It gave me delayed seizure reaction. My 7 year old has got this and is sick now too .

for months I begged doctors for medicine, finally to be told that Albendazole a life saving medicine on the world health organization list of essential medicine is not available here .

we are being left to die .

we have been diagnosed by a parasitologist with hookworm, trichnella , strongloidies and other parasites from a parasitologist.

but there is no medicine here available. What if you go on a trip and return with somthing , the doctors told me not to go back to Dominican to be treated . Knowing that there’s no medicine here in Canada .vermox is a worm medicine that only works for infestations of the stomach which is where the worms like to be but once there is a overload of worms they go everywhere. Once this happens the vermox no longer works as it doesn’t break the blood brain barrier or cns.

They are comming out of our hands. Eyes, feet , I have photos . I had to buy a expensive lab microscope to get action then was told sorry , there’s no medicine here for you .

i feel doctors are leaving us to die , apparently many have tried to get this medicine here but pharmaceutical companies don’t see a big enough market .  We are getting sicker and sicker and no one is doing a thing . 

last week an ambulance was called for me , I was so unresponsive they thought I drug overdose, but found no drugs in my system. I was dying and felt it , I’m having seizures, my son now has the same symptoms.

its the worms that we got in Dominican and now we are too sick to get on a plane to travel and there’s no medicine here .

if you go on a tropical trip and get sick don’t come back to Canada because there’s no medicine here . This is crazy .

wirh world travel ,importing of goods and immagration why would Canada not have one of the most basic life saving medicine. 

Albendazole has less side effects as vermox and is safer . It also works for parasites that have traveled outside the stomach and in case like hook worms where we got it from the ground as in the beach , the worms are all in our hands and feet as that is  how they got there in the first place .


this is a link about doctors trying to get this medicine available.

my question is why can’t a drug company that makes the drug for dogs and cats make it for people? I don’t understand why they say there’s no market if doctors and patients are begging for it , when they already make it here for animals. 

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