No Canadian Tax Money for The Sussexes!

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This is a petition signed by concerned Taxpayers of Canada who do NOT support giving any money to The Duke & Duchess of Sussex for Security, Housing or anything else! Whether or not you like or dislike the Sussexes, and whether or not you are a Monarchist, it is not fair for we Canadians to be forced to have to give up even the slightest bit of our taxes to support these young Royals who are going through a phase and have chosen Canada to run away too in order to "step back" from their duties! The average Canadian who decides to leave his or her job loses all the benefits of work and that should most definitely apply to Royals who are not even from our Country!

Our Prime Minister is waffling on whether or not Canada should or should not spend Tax Dollars protecting these people and he continues to say that there is much discussion before a final decision is to be made. We the signatories of this petition strongly believe that their is nothing to discuss, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are foreigners who are running away from their duties and moving to Canada, and while we welcome them we should not be forced to use our tax dollars to give them protection, lodging or any of the Royal lifestyle that they are used to!