Nation Wide Lock Down in CANADA to Stop the Spread of COVID-19 -SIGN- -DONATE- -SHARE-

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We have already seen how contagious the novel Coronavirus has been in China, South Korea, Italy, France and Iran.  By signing this petition you stand in solidarity with the heroes of our nation, the doctors and nurses that risk their families and their own lives everyday. 

Let's spread this petition and show the Government of Canada that our people support a nationwide lock down to Stop The Spread of the novel Coronavirus.  Without this lock down employers will still operate, people will still choose to meet in large gatherings, and our fragile healthcare system will likely be pushed over the edge by this unmanageable virus.

By signing this petition you can support our healthcare workers and everyday citizens that want life to go back to normal just as much as you do.  Lets take a bold action to stop the spread of COVID-19 by supporting a Nationwide Lock Down that can flatten the curve.  Every minute counts.  Sign Now.