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Move Canada's Legalization of Cannabis Away From Canada Day.

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Legalization of Cannabis in Canada is now a foregone conclusion with Justin Trudeau and the Liberals having a majority government and having had it as an integral part of his election campaign. There is not much anyone can do about that now but we should still have our say in what day it could or should not become legalized on. I believe it would be a sad day for many Canadians if it is forever associated with Canada Day, that Canada Day becomes just another day to get high and celebrate pot.

There are 364 other days in the year that legalization could happen, JUST NOT ON CANADA DAY PLEASE! I love Canada and believe it's the best country on the planet to live and Canada Day should be a time to celebrate all that we are and have as a nation, especially our freedoms. People will celebrate Canada for many reasons and in many ways on July 1st including the use of drugs and alcohol and thankfully we have that freedom. However, I feel strongly that it is not appropriate that Canada Day be shared with the Legalization of Pot Day.    

For partaker's of the weed the universal day of protest to legalize it has been April 20th or more affectionately known as 4:20 for many years already. Why not choose this already established date that I'm confident will be kept by many regardless of what day of the year it actually gets legalized on thereby creating 2 official days that cannabis will be celebrated.

We ask Justin Trudeau and the Government of Canada to please consider our plea and legalize cannabis, if you must, any other day of the year, but PLEASE NOT ON CANADA DAY!!!!!!!!!! 

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