Hazard pay for doctors in Canada

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I am writing to the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and the Federal Minister of Health, Patty Hajdu, as well as to the Ontario premier Doug Ford and Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott to request that front-line health care providers, in particular doctors, receive hazard pay for the Covid-19 pandemic as federal and/or provincial incentives. As front-line providers, doctors have an essential role in the prevention, detection and treatment of illness. This job already has significant risks and stress involved, and now with COVID-19, there is a more clear and present danger of death, of infecting families and loved ones due to the high burden of exposure to this pandemic. Doctors have once again been stepping up to fight at the risk of their own health and future, and unfortunately have been ill-prepared as far as supplies, notably PPE. Doctors have been poorly funded for years now, with cuts or minimal pay increases that have not kept up with inflation. Their finances are in dire straits, and their practices are now empty and their employees furloughed.

I call on our provincial and federal governments to do the right thing which is to properly compensate and provide hazard pay, as well as to provide for support to doctor's families should they die in the line of duty, no different than with our military families.