Menstrual Managment

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My name is Skye Marchment, and I started this petition to advocate for woman during menstruation.  As a woman you don't always remember or know when a period is going to come and managing a period is unavoidable, complicated and often expensive

The shelters that try to provide sanitary pads and tampons, often run out due to high demand and can't supply enough for a full menstrual cycle. Many women especially affected by homelessness use homemade products which can be harmful.

I think it should be mandatory that every public bathroom have menstrual supply despensors that are disability accessible with products at an affordable standard price.

Many girls feel anxiety during their periods and should not have to ask for access to hygiene products. Bowls of menstrual kits should be available everywhere to help end the stigma of menstruation.

In many places around the world girls are being removed from school because they don't have access to toiletries and clean garments during menstruation.

If we make menstrual products more accessible with less cost, it means girls will be able to live with more comfort and confidence.

Sign this petition if you feel that the Government of Canada should recognize the Menstrual challanges and enforce changes to help reduce health risk and ensure every girl has fair and equal access to hygiene products.