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mandatory educating and training for those dispensing and prescribing methadone

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There is so much stereotyping against those on methadone/methadose.  The Drs that prescribe it and the pharmacies that dispense it need to have a level of understanding beyond thst its just an addicts medication. My husband lost his life on August 25th 2017 because a pharmacy decided that he must be a addict because he was on methadone. They treated him with indiginity, distain and like a subpar human being and refused to fill his script. August 21st he was told that they are not there to pour narcotics down his throat like.his Dr. 4 days later he died alone on the side of the highway on a long haul run in California from.the withdrawl.


He was not a addict.  He had been sick in the past and had current illness requiring medication and due to restrictions on truck drivers that go the USA. he had no other pain control options that were legal. 


Their choice to not be educated in the uses besides addiction and lack.of compassion for the people that are prescribed this medication cost a man his life. It forced a family into financial ruin by taking away their sole provider, a family devastated  and forced to live life knowing this shouldn't have happened that it wasn't an accident or a mistake.


Help me make sure there is not another THOMAS JAMES HÒNG husband, father, son, brother, uncle, cousin and grandson. It's time  to implement mandatory educational training on the uses and the risks of what can and will happen without it. Also that Drs and pharmacists are required to take some sort of sensitivity training course. The risks of fatality are real without medical care.the problem there is as soon as a hospital hears methadone they behave with the same lack.of understanding and compassion. The risks and benefits of the medication are real and unfortunately  every single person  that takes even 5mg faces the same risks as someone on 300mg and peoples lives are being gambled with due to lack.of education, training and compassion. Regardless of why someone is on this medication, it is not okay to play god with people's lives because of personal feelings. Let's make this happen for Tom and every other person that has been affected by this situation. 

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