Make Vaccines Mandatory in Canada

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In 1998, a now discredited doctor by the name of Andrew Wakefield published a fraudulent research paper linking the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) vaccine to autism and bowel disease. Mr. Wakefield was, among other actions, stripped of his license to practice medicine due to his fraudulent claims.

With the aid of celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy, the anti-vaccine (anti-vax) movement has been directly responsible for widespread outbreaks of diseases that were previously considered to be eradicated worldwide, despite NO credible scientific evidence proving any link to autism, bowel disease, or other so-called "Vaccine Injuries".

The suffering caused to children and the strain being put on Canada's health care system as a result of outbreaks of previously eradicated diseases should not be tolerated in Canada. Parents who choose not to vaccinate their children are presenting a very real risk to children who cannot receive the MMR vaccine due to age or being immuno-compromised, who are depending on "Herd Immunity" to protect them.

The Government of Canada has a responsibility to protect its citizens. Many countries around the world including Australia, Germany, and France have legislation in place to motivate parents to make the right choice about vaccines. Canada, however, has no such legislation. Therefore:

In light of the fact that the suffering inflicted on children is preventable, and the decision not to vaccinate a child should only be made by a medical professional based on a direct threat to the child's well-being, we, the undersigned, are demanding that action be taken by the Government of Canada to make vaccines mandatory, and that parents who refuse their child a vaccine without a solid medical reason be considered to be acting in neglect.

We, the undersigned, ask the Government of Canada through the Right Honorable Justin Trudeau:

To make vaccines against the 14 diseases listed on the Government of Canada website ( mandatory for all children in Canada unless a physician can present a credible, medical reason for the child to not receive vaccination based on a direct and credible threat to the child's well-being;

To withhold payments under the Canada Child Benefit for families who refuse to vaccinate their children;

To enact legislation making it so that if a child suffers from a vaccine-preventable disease, the parents are charged criminally for voluntary child endangerment;

To enact legislation that allows for criminal charges to be brought against parents whose unvaccinated child causes a preventable disease to afflict another person, if it can be proven that the unvaccinated child was the cause; and

To enact legislation preventing an unvaccinated child from attending any public school in Canada.