Make Jerusalem an independent city state

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Jerusalem is the capital of 3 major religions - Christianity, Judaism & Muslim, each has made claim to this city as integral to the foundation of their faith.

Jerusalem should be considered a world heritage site, the history should be kept for all peoples whether part of the religions that claim it as central to their faith or not. To allow a single entity to lay claim upon that land disenfranchises others and leads to instability on a global scale.

There should be no political bias when it comes to the structure and support of Jerusalem; it can be funded by an equal share from each of the religions noted (any profits from the independent city state can be shared equally among that group).

Examples like The Vatican, Monaco or Singapore: city-states autonomous or independent entity whose territory consists of a city which isn’t administered as a part of another local government, can be used as a template to ensure that Jerusalem is given a space of its own; preserving its history and import to hundreds of millions of people around the globe. 

I call on all leaders - political, spiritual, corporate and otherwise - and the peoples of the world to unite in the process to preserve peace in the region, to honour those faiths and to protect the planet itself.

Make Jerusalem and independent city-state. Make the world a better place.