Make caregivers criminally responsible when children are left in hot cars to die.

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It has become a huge problem recently that people are leaving their child/infant in a car on a hot day, resulting in their child’s death from heat exhaustion.

This is not a justifiable mistake. You do NOT just forget your child in your vehicle.

The parents/caregivers that have “forgotten” about the children are facing no criminal responsibility or punishment. 

Parents NEED to be responsible for their children. Period.

Anyone who leaves their child/infant in their car on a hot day, cold day, or any day by themselves needs to be charged. Furthermore, when the child dies as a result of the caregiver (ie. Parent) leaving them alone, that person must be charged and tried for MURDER. That is exactly what it is, there are no excuses.

Some of these poor helpless children have spent upwards of 9 hours deceased in an overheated vehicle. 


If you agree with me, and have the mind to protect our children and our communities, please sign this petition.

If people learn their could be a life sentence for their neglect, they will soon wake up, and remember their child.

Thank you.