Make Anti-LGBTQ+ Conversion Therapy Illegal in Canada

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Anti-LGBT Conversion therapy is still legal in all Canadian provinces/territories except Manitoba and Ontario, as well as the City of Vancouver. This is extremely concerning considering the horrors conversion therapy intale. 

What is anti-LGBT conversion therapy? It is a practice most commonly use on minors who are gay or transgender, as an attempt to “make them straight” or to “cure them” of being LGBT+. Methods include anything from electroshocks to brainwashing, even to castration. 

This has no place in Canada. It is time the federal government takes action to protect its LGBT citizens, especially minors. This is terrifying and appalling to me, as a minor in the LGBT+ community. Studies upon the people who have gone through conversion therapy are a lot more likely to develop mental illnesses and to attempt suicide in their lifetime. Studies also show that conversion therapy doesn’t work, you cannot change someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity. 

It is time for the Canadian Federal government to ban conversion therapy throughout the entire country. Please sign this petition if you agree, and please share.