LSD, weed, mushrooms, psychotropic substance legalisation. NDPS Act amendment.

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  1. LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) - sandoz manufactured it by mistake, called it remarkable and many possible medicinal uses.
    increased focus, making millions of neuro-connections, promotes brain health. No known cases of death
  2. Mescaline - plant organic compound, studies have shown to improve neuro connections in the brain cells.
  3. Psilocybin 
  4. Cannabis - its history and uses cross over 100's of decades, yet US decided to make it illegal , later we found out, it was nothing scientific , rather than a ploy to against black (colored) people in the US.
  5. Magic Mushrooms - many studies in top UK and US universities pointing magic mushrooms can help overcome depression permanently and people have been using mushrooms for well over 10000 years. no known cases of death from only magic mushrooms.
  6. MDMA - high potential to cure PTSD, cure depression and comparatively much better than current legal anti depressants.
  7. DMT - no known cases of death. highly potent, and highly spiritual experiences. used in religious ceremonies in the amazon forrest, ayahuasca.

above are some of the (psychedelic) drugs which were made illegal by the US govt. in the 60's and 70's era.

now lets compare some legal drugs.
here's a reference graph -

  1. Coffee - increased heart rate, change in hormones, highly addictive.
  2. Alcohol - no.1 leading cause of death , and amongst the top in leading causes of injurey to self and others, highly addictive.
  3. Tobacco - Stimulant, cancerous while smoking. has been used for thousands of years, addictive.
  4. benzodiazepine , xanax, steriods - cause of millions of ER room cases.

you see a pattern here? 
drugs are all around us, but it is just how they are put into perspective in general publics mind. Indian narcotics page just mention the EXTREME negative points of a drugs to create a scare in people's minds

this scare was started in the 60's when US decided to wage the worst war in the history (war on drugs), which was not even a problem.
(see leaked Richard Nixon documents - the war on drugs was a result of racial discrimination and the lobbying of alcohol and tobacco giants in America).,_1985

India was pretty happy and people didn't have any problem with the drugs.
Infact india has a sacred connection with HEMP since many centuries and it was used in various religious, medicinal and economic areas , such as hemp paper, clothings and buildings.

But the US and UN kept pressurising india and other countries for over 25 years and finally Rajiv Gandhi government succumbed and enacted the NDPS Act, banning all narcotic drugs in India in 1985.

Before this act, there was no drug problem in india (and Portugal is showing the world now again  how making drugs legal is the best way to deal with them).
but after making the drugs illegal, there was a rise of smugglers and "bad drugs" (basically rat poison) and Punjab is facing this crises.

it negatively the affected those who wanted to use recreationally, self medicate, religious believes , connect with nature, spread love. (aka hippies.)

Millions of people have been affected in india due to NDPS act, costing 1000's of millions of rupees of tax payers money in india since 1985, while there are people dying of hunger, Roads are not yet straight and without potholes.

War on drugs was a big failure even in the US and costed them millions of dollars just to jail their own relatives.

heres an excerpt from wikipedia NDPS page.

"In 2015, Lok Sabha MP Tathagata Satpathy criticized the ban on cannabis as "elitist", and labeling cannabis the "intoxicant" of the poor. He also felt that the ban was "an overreaction to a scare created by the United States". Sathpathy has also advocated the legalisation of cannabis"


"the Act had "actually created a drugs problem where there was none."

People have been picking up magic mushrooms from the ground and eating it since the beginning of the earth, and they have the right to escape to Unimaginable realms. Human are only limited by their imagination, let them develop their consciousness.

"If the words 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' don't include the right to experiment with your own consciousness, then the Declaration of Independence isn't worth the hemp it was written on." - terence McKenna 

humans have the innate need to experiment with their own consciousness and INDIA "the land of the seekers" , the land of the yogis must understand it better than anyone.

Experimenting with consciousness in any form, be it meditation or psychedelics , should be legal within limits (when user in not harming anyone else) .

my own experiments with psychedelic have been nothing less than magical, and taught me to see every Drop of rain in a new light. 

I know some people will misuse it (like Sanjay Dutt as shown in his new movie sanju), but so will people drinking alcohol. and making legal will not only stop the rise of gangs and drug lords but also add to the GDP of india.

After seeing the harm graph (with alcohol on the top of the list and magic mushrooms, LSD, Psilocybin, mescaline at the bottom) its easy to understand that why this Drug act was created under pressure from US and UN in the 80's and is a poorly thought-out law, putting your own people in prison for eating a piece of mushroom from the earth.

Trust the people, they can manage themselves , creating too many laws and restrictions only create a rebellion against a system.
Like the war on drugs, created a drug problem where there was no problem.

Ayurveda is teaching us, every plant on earth has different medicinal values , and we should imbibe them when we need them, not make it illegal.

like coffee and alcohol are legal, if suppose LSD, magic mushrooms etc would be legal and available in microdoses , we would have a country of people who were working for solution and living in harmony one with nature , creating loads of plastic wastes without any concern for nature or other humans and animals.

Create hope, not fear.

Love and Peace.