Lower the air fares within Canada.

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Dear Canadians,

We all traveling especially within Canada. We travel for whole different reasons like work-related or to see family and friends because spending even few days with them is priceless. Have anyone tried to book a flight within Canada recently, actually it is been like that a while now, it is ridicullously expensive. I tried to book a ticket from Calgary to Halifax on one of "few airlines companies" we have here and guess how much a one way ticket from YYC (Calgary) to YHZ(Halifax) will cost me? It ranges between CAD 700 and CAD 2300. Like, why? I pay less than that for my house mortgage per month. I'm not even traveling there over a wkend, I chose to travel on a Wednesday. With this price you can buy an all inclusive deals somewhere south of the border (Mexico or Cuba) or even to Europe during summer vacation (which considered as well a high-season prices there, by the way). Why do Canadians find themselves obliged to pay that much traveling within Canada. We hear all these excuses and unjustified reasons to keep raising the airfares (by the way, airlines profits keep on rising). Most ridiculous excuse I heard is the oil prices, come on!!! Canadians deserve more decent and fair prices, at least when traveling within Canada, period. Can we push hard and efficiently to change this? Will you help yourselves spend more time with your loved ones for less? Can we bring Canadians closer to each other? I believe we should and we can, if all can sign this petition and demand righteously what we all deserve, justice prices for airfares.