Lower age of consent for anal sex

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As we all know, the age of consent in Canada, is 16 for most sexual activity. Unfortunately, anal sex is NOT legal until you're 18. This is because of something called the "anti-buggery law" which was established in the Victorian times in order to prevent what day viewed as "degenerative Behavior". Because of this, adults who enjoy anal sex can't have their preferred type of sex unless their partner's 18 or older.  Furthermore, this law against anal sex underage anal sex, both discriminates against gay couples and limits the rights of underage couples whether they're straight or gay. These anti-buggery laws are EXTREMELY outdated, and they NEED to go! Permanently! for they've been in effect for FAR TOO LONG! People in general are way too squeamish about anal sex and this stigma against it is highly irrational. The government has NO business, making laws against other people's sexual enjoyment! These anti-buggery laws are garbage, and it's time to put an end to them for good! It's time to finish what should NEVER have started! I want the age of consent for anal sex to be lowered to AT LEAST 16 and NO higher! 

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