Lock Down Ontario to Protect Canadians' Health

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Dealing with Coronavirus in Ontario demands much stronger containment measures than what's been decided.  Travel from the US must be banned ( apart from merchandise) and a true lock down of people is required. This is the only way China and Korea, originally the hardest hit, have now " flattened the curve".

In Numbers: After a very slow start between January 25 th and March 8th, where 31 cases of Coronavirus were identified, as in China, Italy, Iran and France, the rate of growth accelerated. On March 16, there are 177 declared cases in Ontario, ie, a tripling of cases from the 59, March 12.

That’s a 200% growth rate every 4 days since March 12th, ie, a tripling of cases over 4 days.

Given the absence of strong measures, we will see a continued exponential increase of cases. Coronavirus cases in Ontario could reach 46 000 to 136 000 in 3 weeks, April 7th.

Kevin Smith, president and chief executive of Toronto’s University Health Network, said the exemption for American travellers brings up the biggest questions about Canada’s response.

Dr. Michael Warner, director for critical care at Michael Garron Hospital in east Toronto, told CBC Radio's The Current that he is "highly concerned that our elected officials are not mandating social distancing to the degree required."

Limiting group gatherings to 50 people is still too many, he said. 

Please sign if you think Canada should stop all individuals coming from the US by plane, boat or car. Ontario should ask companies to stop non vital work to protect workers.  Measures should be taken to put a hold on loan and rent payments, as well as all 3 levels of taxes, until the crisis is averted.  Medical personnel will then have a fighting chance to care for the ill. Human lives should take precedence over business considerations.