Lock Canada Down...IMMEDIATELY

Lock Canada Down...IMMEDIATELY

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Resha Sabti started this petition to PM Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada)

When I started this petition, I was still hoping people will understand how lucky we are living in Canada. How important it is to have some freedom, and be able to get somethings done. I created it and we were around 100 case on Mar 14, 2020

Today Mar 21, we passed the 1000 mark. We know where would this go! Our doctors are begging as they are trying to help our patients, they are also trying to tell us to stay home. 

People are not listening. There are still people on Kits beach, and other beaches in the province. There are still people having garage sales and arranging play dates. There are still people having social gatherings in their homes for dinners and engagements. 

The problem is a lot of those have not gone through war times, because their parents made sure they come to Canada to live the best lives they can get. It is also those parents that are in care homes dying right now because a mistake that was made by someone.

It breaks my heart that our kids can not see their grandparents. It breaks my heart that some people have struggled so much to bring their kids to this amazing life, and now they are dying alone. They are saying goodbye to families on FaceTime on a doctor or nurse phone.

If we don't shut down now, this will never end. Those who are trying to protect the economy they will have a lot more work to be done.

Then some amazing news come from China, so now people are relaxing, and going back to the norm.

If we don't get locked down, even people who have been home and complying with orders will eventually forget! 


Let's help our medical system. Let's help our doctors, nurses, firefighters and everyone of those front line service providers. Let's not give them the reason why they will have to choose who lives who dies. No matter what the government is saying, it is not the full truth. I have been in wars, and we know exactly what governments try to do. They try to calm us down. Unfortunately this is not the time to be hand holding people. It is time to order people.






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As the window is closing to protect our medical system and those who are vulnerable, we need to urge our government to do more. More work is required to flatten the curve! We have no time. People are still having their social events, beach visits, birthday parties and kids play dates. 

Almost all our cases started with travel. Many of us have begged to close borders and airport. Finally these measures are being taken.

There is one more issue; Canadians that are flocking the airports and trying to come back.

Some of these people unfortunately didn’t take the travel advisories & warnings that started coming around March 4, 2020 seriously! They thought it was a joke. They decided to go ahead with their trips and now they are trying to come back. They are also leaving from airports and some have gone to their normal lives.

Of course everyone should be back and welcome back, however they should not be let out of the airports. These travellers should be Quarantined in airports. The government should immediately create a set up to use the airports for quarantine. 

We have used Trenton ON airforce bases as a quarantine centre for those coming back from cruises and Wuhan China when we had no cases. We definitely can get the airports prepared to do the same and just keep them in. 

Please help me demand using the airports for quarantine. Let’s take the final extreme measure that could help those vulnerable.

People let's work together and let's be smart about it. We can do it, we just need to do it together!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 300,000!
At 300,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!