Liberen a Martha Patricia Suarez y a Wilson Giovani Cordero Suarez

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Words from the mother:

My name is Martha Patricia Suarez, I flew from Colombia with my children because we were being persecuted and threatened by a member of a guerrilla group in Colombia.

On March 9, 2016 we traveled to the United States, from Miami we took a flight to New York and from there we took a bus to Buffalo, NY to present us at the immigration border office of Canada to make a request claim request. The border officer informed us immediately that we were denied refugee status in Canada because we were excluded by the SAFE THIRD COUNTRY AGREEMENT safe-haven treaty between Canada and the United States. Since we did not have a family to comply with the treaty exception, we were not able to submit a formal request to claim refugee status in Canada.

Devastated with the response and with much fear and despair they made us sign a document called exclusion that denied us the request and likewise limited us to make one more claim within a period of one year, this was signed together with my minor child, after signing the documents we were handed over to the US border police. The border police reviewed our passports and confirmed that they were valid and legal; therefore we were allowed to enter the United States for a period of 6 months.

Upon entering the United States and not knowing what to do we took a taxi to "Long live Shelter House" and there we were able to take stay for a few weeks.
During our stay in this place, our intention was to find a lawyer or some help to solve our need, but after many attempts we could not find a lawyer or someone who could help us. For this reason we were forced to seek stay elsewhere, more precisely in the Bronx, in the location 740 east of 243 Street unit 2g, NEW YORK 10470, and there we stayed for 4 months. We had to sleep in the corridors, witness fights, these fights intensified until dawn, to the point that no one was safe. My children, who accompanied me, helped me and protected me from all these situations. Although I am a strong woman, my nerves were getting out of control and I began to feel scenes of panic and lack of control.

The situation worsened day by day and we started seeing people who looked like gang members in the building. All these situations brought me memories of Colombia where I had to flee to protect my life and that of my children. I started going out to ask different organizations several times to seek help:

• Comunidad de Caridades Católicas. 80 MAIDEN LANE. 13 s

All these organizations declared or denied any help for us; their mandate as they said was to help family and household problems and his budget was very restrictive. I also spoke with a Catholic organization where I asked for their help and it was the same response. I also asked them to help me make the call to Canada for our refuge and their response was that they only knew the laws of the United States and that if I wanted to appeal the denial of my refuge in Canada, the only way was to be inside Canada. One of the lawyers from one of the organizations mentioned above told me that with the new government and the new president Donald Trump, the situation was going to be very complicated, since his government's plans were to be very strict on the immigration policies and our case was not going to have any merit to be heard. After hearing this, I felt that our lives came to an end and that was not what I wanted, not for me, not for my children.

Overwhelmed by fear, despair and worse, seeing that my time was running out in the United States, since I only had two months of leave for my visa. I felt that I had no other choice for myself and my children at that time that to made the decision along with my children to enter the Canadian border to appeal to my refuge, since that was the only option I had at that time.

I entered Canada through Newport Vermont, where we were captured by border police in the Stanstead district of Saint François of the province of Quebec on July 10, 2016 and taken to the CBSA DEPORTACIONES office. There we were interrogated by several agents. After all the interrogations, we were imprisoned in the prison of Laval from July 10 to July 19, where we left free after two hearings where we paid a bail of $ 5,000 dollars.

After being released, they only gave us the right to submit an application called PRRA, we presented it on August 9, 2016 and it was denied on November 16, 2016.
On January 31, 2017, we filed an appeal to the PRRA, but the appeal was denied on April 18, 2017.
We publish the application of the common law on November 3, 2017, then we present the request for compassion and humanitarian reasons on May 31, 2018.
Our next judicial meeting was on October 5 at the court in Sherbrook, Quebec and I was later arrested along with one of my children.
Now I ask you to help me stop the deportation that is scheduled for Nov 3/2018. We have fought and we are fighting, we have never stopped moving to be able to fight our stay here. We have prayed for a miracle to happen so that they do not deport us. But everything has been in vain. We have not done anything wrong; the only thing we have tried is to live better and to flee from the persecution and the danger in which we found ourselves. I cordially ask you to please help us request and request that they stop the deportation of my family that will take place in 2 weeks.

Family Suarez family.



Free Family Suarez. Let them in. Let them Stay. 

Canada needs to act immediately to scrap the Safe Third Country Agreement — an outdated agreement that refuses asylum seekers entry into Canada if they arrived in the US first — as well as an end to Canada’s restrictive quota system, and the so-called safe country list that limits the number of asylum seekers Canada offers protection to.

The United States isn’t safe. Everyone arriving from the US must be able to stay here permanently.