Liberal Government Must Act Fast on Coronavirus!

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Canada is the only country in the world that has no travel restrictions for Chinese, Iranians, Italians, European countries or any place with Coronavirus outbreak! last few days we had Thousands of visitors from these countries! 83% of all our cases are from visitors of these countries! the first 3 cases in Nova Scotia were from people who visited Australia & Europe between March 3-8!

Almost all countries in Europe have closed their Borders, schools, colleges, universities, public gatherings (even Ukraine with 1 case or Poland with 26 cases) but no, not Canada! why not? Are you smarter or more experienced than German, Spanish, Denmark, British, French, Polish, Turkish, American, Chinese, Russian,...Presidents or Prime Ministers?

Instead of talking to doctors and experts, you have been talking to CEO’s of Airlines  who have complete conflict of interest about a government and airport lockdown! Your lack of actions, vision and direction will kill tens of thousands of Canadians. 

Not even once you or any one from your cabinet has tweeted or announced on how you are going to increase our Corona Testing capacity! Why we still can do only 1400 tests per day and South Korea can do 25,000+ tests per day?

Countries with much less of an outbreak have done  so much more than Canada!

Poland had 26 Confirmed Coronavirus cases when they closed their borders, all schools, public gatherings and all movie theaters.

Ukraine had 1 confirmed case when they closed all schools, universities and public gatherings.  Canada cannot afford delay. This is something that spreads exponentially. If not acted rapidly, our healthcare & hospitals won’t be able to handle this Pandemic! Here is what you need to do ASAP! 

All  EU countries and USA have closed their Borders ,schools  & public gatherings except Canada!

1.     Close all travels to & from Europe, Middle East, Australia, and Asia! Heck close our borders to the entire world now.

2.     Close all universities, colleges, schools, concerts, sporting events, churches, all and every public gatherings of 25 people or more. You must do this now!

3.     Setup drive through testing facilities in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary and Edmonton. Just like South Korea! They do 20,000 tests per day, we do less than 1200 test per day!

4.     Increase our testing & quarantine facilities in our hospitals now!

5.     Convert 5-7 of hockey & community centres to Medical treatment centres and beds for patients. 30-70% of Canadians will get this! Its not matter of “IF” it is matter of “When”.

6.     Work & assist banks & mortgage companies and allow people to be exempt from making any mortgage payments for 6 months!

History will judge you on how you will handle this once in a lifetime event!