Lets End First Nation Boil Advisories Together

Lets End First Nation Boil Advisories Together

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First Nations, are a group of people who are just as important as everyone else in Canada but are one of the few who are treated the worst. If many of you are not well aware of their current situation, they have been suffering for the past 22 years without access to safe drinking waters. This has resulted in many communites across Canada to be under boil advisories. Boil advisories are placed by the goverment after testing the water in that area and if the water isn't drinkable the people in that area have to now boil their water before using it or buying bottles water instead. A main community that has been affected by this has been Shoal Lake 40.

This is one of the longest running boil advisory community. The boil advisory had been placed in 1997 and many more horrible actions have followed along with that. How it even became a boil advisory community was due to the community being isolated from the mainland in 1915 due to the construction that was being created to supply Winnepeg with fresh water supplies. As the clean and safe water is pushed towars the city, the First Nations recive all the dirty and unsafe water. 


The Canadian Goverment has made promises and negotations with the First Nations to take away all boil advsories by 2021. Many of these communites are in need of a new water infasture, which takes three to four years to complete. Solutions to maintain this promise includes:

  • improved training and monitoring
  • new infrastructures
  • repairing old infrastructure
  • new system designs

Why Care

These are human beings who aren't able to cook or clean unless they boil the water beforehand. This takes a lot of time and as many of us know that time is a valuable thing, which many of us take for granted or are always short on time. How would you feel if you had to do this? Mothers with children have also extreme dicculty. They have to boil the water constantly to wash the child or for their formula and have to make sure it isn't hot constantly. Not only is time wasted but also money. Money is something we all need but these people have to spend their money to buy bottled water. How would you feel to have to constantly by large amount of water that in a year will be taking away a lot of your money, that you've worked hard for to spend on something taht should already be provided? Many of us preach about human rights but while doing so tehre is people suffering and we all live on this Earth together so why not help eachother, stand for people, stand for rights. 

What YOU Can Do About It

What you can do is follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign this petition. 

By signing this petition we can help change this issue, which is something that we all have the power to do. 

Step 2: Share this petition.

By sharing this we can help people all over the world to become more well aware to what is happening to communitys like Shoal Lake 40, who are under boil advisories.

Step 3: Raise money.

I'm not saying that this is a must but even if you have a dollar to spare it would be great to provide it since any funds raised will go to David Suzuki Foundation, which is a committee that has played a big role in helping First Nations with boil advisories.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!