Let’s put a STOP to bullying & start enforcing the law where it is not enforced

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I’d like to take a few minutes to explain why i have started this petition, For the last couple years my daughter has been the victim of being bullied, I have done everything in my power to protect her I have called the police so many times they know us by name so well every time I called them all I hear is there is nothing we can do , well I’m tired of hearing that same thing, we have spoke to somany different authorities to try an resolve the issue but nothing ever worked these kids just continued it got more an more frustrating and I was getting more worried about my daughters well being as she missed a year and a half of school because of this so recently we moved to a different town not to far away but things were quiet for about 3 months.                                                

On April 18/2018 the most unthinkable happened to our family beyond anything I could have imagined that would have happened, a girl who was my daughters friend decided to just turn for the worse out of no where this teenage girl decided to target me on social media she taggged my name in it for everyone to see on my Facebook as well the things this girl made up was beyond my words to describe In less then an hour it was gone viral every where even on Instagram I had to take my daughter and son out of school now there education is going to be affected once again , I contact the police they watched this going viral , I even pulled up the Canadian criminal code book and showed him that there is a law that they can be charged for what there doing all I got is nothing we can do I can’t even make her take it down I’m sorry no one since the 90s has been charged with cyber bullying I wanted to drop my heart is broken the stress is over taking me and my family my kids are losing there education from this again my reputation is gone in the community everyone is talking I don’t even want to show my face in public anymore nor do my kids still today the post is up and everyone is still talking and police won’t do a thing so my goal now is to put a stop to this for me my family and everyone out there that has to suffer with this everyday we are losing our kids to suicide from this because our kids won’t speak up because all they hear is “ Nothing We Can Do” so please help me by signing this petition so we can bring this law section (300) in our criminal code book back to justice and make our law enforcers start punishment to thous who are doing this crime let’s not wait till we lose another child from this .

lets together Canada  raise awearness once an for all To Stop bullying an put our law back into effect, where it is not enforced.

Alberta enforces this law

ontario enforces this law

quebec in forces this law 

Nova Scotia just started enforcing this law 

but what about the rest of us we need this more then ever why should we wait till we lose so many children before they think about enforcing it let do it now before it happens or before it’s one of our own please help me in helping you get this done before it’s to late .

Dont let your kid be the next victim 

may 4 2018 update 

is like to give you all a little update it is 2 weeks now and nothing is getting better in fact now I myself have threatening messages from people saying there going to make me disappear or telling me to go

kill myself or watch my back my day is coming or watch over your shoulder when you walk out your door yes this is what people are saying to me this is why I need many people to sign this because this is how we are gonna make a difference for everyone and every kid out there that is going throu this we need to put a stop to it because our law enforcements don’t do nothing please join me in this and share it every where for me thank you in advance.