Let's Change Standardized Testing

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Have any of you ever felt hopeless during exam season, especially knowing that the material you're cramming probably won't be a huge portion of the test? I have become close friends with test anxiety due to the overload of information I and other students are expected to retain in short time frames.

Standardized testing has been proven to be an inefficient measure of one's academic successes, so why are we still practicing this outdated method? I think it's time to make a change to this system and grade students based on their understanding of the course content rather than their ability to retain information.

Why don't we adapt a system that allows us to demonstrate our ability to learn and process information? Perhaps creating test formats allowing students more freedom to express what a specific topic has taught them and how they will further apply their newfound knowledge to the real world, is the answer we've been looking for. Essentially, instead of multiple choice questions chosen by a test bank created by authors we have never met, we would have the freedom as a collective to collaborate with our professors who carefully select relevant course material to our in-class discussions. 

The goal of changing this system is to alleviate stress and to adapt a more efficient testing system. I can't be the only one struggling to maintain a high GPA whilst cramming for 5 classes worth of midterms that somehow happen to be all on the same day (slightly exaggerated)! 

No more cramming, we want a proper education!