Let Canadian policymakers know that greater involvement is needed in ending the Syrian War

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In less than two weeks, almost 700 people have died in the streets of Eastern Ghouta, in Damascus, Syria. As someone originally from Damascus, this was a shock to me. I have family living 15 minutes away from the neighborhood. Everyday, Syrians living abroad feel the anxiety of whether or not one of their family members will be next, whether the last time they called their loved ones, will be the last time they hear their voice. You start to feel guilty about the comforts you have, and wonder why you deserve to live better.

I'm going to spare you the details and images of what a bomb drop can do to humans. As someone living in a developed nation, I have automatically won a geography lottery, because my parents got me here- as is the same with nearly everyone living in Canada today. Canada has a lot of its own problems to deal with, I understand this; but as people, we need to think with a global conscience, not just with our nationality in mind.

Global change doesn't start with resources or money. It starts with conversation and acknowledgement. Canada has long been a neutral nation, but that doesn't mean it has no responsibility in helping those less fortunate- that's a trait I learned in Canada. Make sure Canadian government officials know that we want greater involvement in ending the Syrian Civil War. Let us look back decades from now, knowing that Canada had a major hand in ending this onslaught. It's been too long since Syrians have safely embraced their families, and no one should live like that.