Legalize the Sale and Distribution of Raw (Unpasteurized) Dairy in Canada

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Access to raw milk should be a human right. 

Our grocery stores are being filled with synthetic milks (almond milk, rice milk, cashew milk, hemp milk, and soy milk). These milks are toxic because they are unnatural, and they are not ‘milk’ because in order for milk to be milk, it has to come from an animal!

Pasteurized milk is no good because it destroys the good bacteria and enzymes that help you digest the lactose which is why a lot of people are lactose intolerant.

Right now the only argument about why raw milk should be illegal is that the bacteria can make you sick. This is not a fair statement because every biological process on earth is bacterial. You would not be alive if it weren’t for the microbes. People all over the world drink milk raw with no ill effects.

In Canada we are missing out on raw milk, raw butter, raw kefir, and raw yoghurt while sugared water, plant milk, and marijuana are all in abundance!

This photo was taken in Idaho where raw milk is legal. Absolutely zero logic as to how you can drive over a geographical line and get access to something that should be legal.

We should stop supporting these industries that promote plant milks and other variations of milk and switch the demand to raw milk, aka real milk.

The reason why they market to you that almond milk is healthy is because they have to convince you that drinking something unnatural is good for you, when the only thing you need is raw milk, the only milk that exists in nature.

Not only is raw milk extremely healthy but the legalization of raw milk will create new jobs that are not only secure but fun!

Visiting farms on the weekend to pick up your dairy products is meant to be a fun enterprise for you and your friends, your partners, and your families.

Visiting goats, cows, and other animals brings you happiness while shopping in your typical grocery store for milk is boring and unexciting.