Keep violent sexual offenders off pen pal sites

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I would like to keep violent sexual criminals from being able to seek out relationships through the website  

These offenders should not have an outlet for their predatory behavior. If this does not change there will be more deaths and abuse against children. Many lives and suffering will be saved by not allowing these offenders to seek out new victims through the site.

This is personal for me, my son was murdered by T-Jaye Heller in 2011. This monster also sexually assaulted my son who had suffered MANY injuries over the 3 weeks left in Heller's care while the mother was at work. He cleaned up the crime scene before calling for help. WHY are these offenders being allowed to essentially online date while serving a sentence for a crime which they have been found guilty of in a court of law ? We need to do better for our children, they deserve it.

Justice Rodney Jerke said he FELT Heller was genuinely remorseful for his actions, I disagree. Since when is the justice system based on feelings ? 

Please help me protect the future of all children by keeping predators from being able to seek out new victims though Canadian Inmates connect.