Keep the parks open

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Closure of ALL visitor access to Canada National Parks is outrageous. While closing parking lots, popular trails, visitor centers and other facilities is a good measure for enforcing social distancing and protecting parks staff, closing the vast empty spaces of the front and back country for recreational users is unnecessary and harmful. People who do regular exercise are less likely to get sick. Fresh air and sunshine was proven to improve recovery from the virus during Spanish Flu pandemic. This closure will force people to spend more time in the city parks where it is much harder to keep social distancing. It will cause more harm than good. Also consider negative effect on mental health, potential increase in alcohol and drugs abuse. As a back-country skier I keep my group very small, do not car pool and keep the distance between us. Most of times I do not meet any other groups the entire day. Using social distancing as an excuse for closing ALL access to the parks makes absolutely no sense. I am suggesting alternative measures like closing popular trail heads, faculties, campsites but allowing to park on the highway in remote places without official trails to allow access to the mountains.