It’s about time to do away with Daylight Savings Time…

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There used to be a reason for Daylight Savings Time: we worked 9 to 5 in a local economy and drove to work in a car; therefore, it was more productive to have our workday coincide with daylight hours. Today, however, we work varied hours in a global economy, and if we commute, the drive may be 24/7 as witnessed by our urban highways which are busy all day long.


Twice a year the change to Daylight Savings Time is a disruption to our daily lives! Changing time is not only difficult for the biological rhythms of our bodies (circadian misalignment) and a pain to get used to, but also it is outright unsafe:

 ·      traffic fatalities increase*

·      heart attacks increase**

·      sleep patterns are affected and depression is exacerbated.

 In addition, it is especially hard on young children, seniors, and those with dementia to understand and deal with this time change.

 If Saskatchewan can do it (as well as Arizona and Hawaii), there is no reason that all of Canada cannot do it!

 It is relatively simple for organizations to reprogram this change and for you to not select the daylight savings time button on your car’s clock – certainly much easier than the Y2K affair, so let’s get on board and abolish this dated custom.

 Contact your Member of Parliament today and sign the petition to abolish Daylight Savings Time once and for all! Make it an election issue!

  * Manitoba Public Insurance saw a 20% spike in crashes after daylight time change in 2014

 **A Swedish study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2008 found a higher incidence of heart attacks — approximately a seven per cent increase — in the first three weekdays after the clocks spring forward, which researchers did attribute to a lack of sleep. They also noted a similar decrease in the incidence of heart attacks when the clocks fall back. The information was based on Swedish records collected over a 20-year period.