Justin Trudeau - Canadians want no part of the UN Global pact for Open Borders

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Fellow Canadians,

Express your displeasure of the Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Government of Canada signing the dangerous UN Global Pact for Orderly (a.k.a. mass) migration. It claims that migration into Canada is no longer a privilege, but a human right. How does that benefit Canada?

The government has signed onto this pact this but has failed to answer:

  1. Where will the migrants come from?
  2. How many can we expect?
  3. Will all these migrants buy into the values and principles we so cherish in the west?

As a first generation son of immigrants, my parents came from India so we could contribute to Canadian society and because they thought Canada was already great. They focused on working hard and assimilation.

Canadians believe in hard work,community and mutual support. With uncontrolled immigration at our borders since the Trudeau government took power, signing this UN Pact that essentially removes the ability for countries to control their own borders and handing that task to the UN is just irresponsible. But this is the same government that pays ISIS fighter Omar Khadr $10,000, 000 but says there is not enough money to fund our Canadian military veterans.  

In addition, there are already traffic issues,rising house prices, overcrowded schools, an overly stressed medical system and social welfare services that should be focused on Canadians first.

Make no mistake, this UN pact is the prelude to mass migration from countries that may not share the same values as Canadian or Commonwealth countries.

This is not the case from other people that may come from other parts of the word. There are far too many stories of females being assaulted by new refugees, new immigrants demanding the right to pray in public spaces or criticizing things that make Canada great such as Christmas, respect for all religions or putting country before religion. 

This UN pact, along with the carbon tax, ignited the protests in France. Canada should have no part of this migrant compact either. 

Meanwhile, the USA, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary etc... have indicated they will not sign the deal - these countries refuse to sign as they put their citizens first. 

Canada is already a prosperous, welcoming country so we should protect this status – namely, the idea of being invaded by thousands or even millions of migrants who have no intention of assimilating.

Mr. Trudeau, get a hold of this immigration flood, so how immigrants are approved to become new Canadians is up to Canada, not the globalist at the United Nations, who have their own agenda.

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