Justice for Regis Korchinski-Paquet

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Regis Korchinski-Paquet was murdered & pushed by police officers off her apartment balcony.

Police have been telling the news stations that it was a suicide. Her family called the 911 to get help for the safety of thier child because she was under distress over a family conflict. Police claim to have seen the woman on her balcony when they arrived & in a short time later she "fell" from her balcony on the 24th floor. However her family says that the police & Regis had told the officers that she had to use the bathroom. 

After Regis went in the apartment, Police officers followed her. Reece Korchinski-Beals, the brother of Regis said that the actions of the police officers were "aggresive". He questioned why 5 police officers went in after her. Her brtoher tied to get into the apartment but was stopped by police. After approximately one-two minutes her mother & brother heard commotion in the apartment. They said to have heard call for help before everything was silent.

Later, an officer came out of the apartment knocked on the neighbours door & stated that Regis was at the neighbours house or at the unit down below. Later, the Mother of Regis asked police if she was on the ground. An officer came into the unit & back out & told the mother "yes, she is on the ground"

We need justice for Regis & her family. Please help us get the justice she deserves.