Justice for persecuted Minorities in Afghanistan, Bangladesh & Pakistan

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We, a group of peace loving Ind-Canadians Strongly condemned the barbaric terror attack inside 400 Years old holy place of worship Sikh shrine/ Gurudwara Sahib in Shorbazar area of Kabul, Afghanistan by a Jihadist Suicide Bombers & assailants.

No words are strong enough to condemn the terrorist attack on the Sikh Temple in the Kabul Afghanistan on Wednesday March 25, 2020 which killed 28 people, including eight women and a child. Around 200 people were there worshiping in the Gurudwara at the time of the attack 7:45AM Local Time.

The gunman was identified as Abu Khalid al-Hindi Backed by Pakistan’s ISI. The Islamic State affiliate in Afghanistan claimed responsibility for Wednesday's attack on the group's Amaq media arm, according to the SITE Intelligence Group, which tracks militant postings and groups.

A subsequent remote controlled explosion went off the very next day 26, March 2020 near the gate of a crematorium in Qalacha area of Kabul, as the frightened mourners struggled to continue with the funeral prayers and cremation of the killed in this terror attack. This is not the first or isolated attack on a Sikh shrine in Afghanistan. Sikhs and Hindus along with other minorities are routinely attacked & killed whether it’s by declared terrorism or undeclared hidden brutalities. The minorities in these countries who are non-Muslims are unsafe and are living in fear.




At this critical hour, when the whole world including Afghanistan is engaged in a united fight against the Covid-19 Virus, this act of terrorism is not only shameful and heinous but also barbaric. We appeal to the world leaders to help those in need in Afghanistan “as minorities are not safe” there.

Attacks on non-Muslims of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh are a routine. It is to be noted that, non-Muslims in Afghanistan have no provision of protection under their (Afghanistan) citizenship act. But if some Muslims are targeted by radical Islamist groups, their case could be taken under the existing provisions of the citizenship law.

We urge the Canadian government to take immediate actions against this targeted killing by Jihadi groups and help the minorities get fast track refugee status in Canada.

We also urge that Canadian government must support Indian government’s efforts in providing relief to these marginalized communities by the means of supporting CAA law implementation in India. The CAA Passed by Indian Government Protects the minorities of these Countries on which hue & cry by the radicals are going on. Those who are against this barbarism will and should support CAA.

It is a travesty of their own faith that Jihadis should think nothing of violating the sanctity of a revered place of worship. Once again, the terror regime active in the Syria-Iraq-Afghanistan triangle target the helpless minorities to enforce ethnic cleansing in Afghanistan. Millions of refugees from Afghanistan took shelter in Europe, India, Canada and USA post 1989-90 developments in Afghanistan.

Therefore, we the Indo-Canadian urges you to take appropriate actions and lead the fight against human rights violations in the world.

Appeal by Ind-Canadians.