Justice for Keira

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On Sunday, February 9, 2020, a tragedy took place. Keira Kagan's life was cut short due to unknown reasons but we do in fact know the reasons for this death. Keira was apart of my family through marriage. Keira was someone that could light up the room with just a smile and her awesome little dance moves. She wanted to change the world by "just being nice". The family court system failed a 4-year-old child and ignored her family's pleas to supervise the visits that he had with her. A psychopath was all her father was, he lied constantly and was always after Jennifer in order to hurt her; he would do whatever means necessary to hurt her. This would lead to Keira's death. He took a 4-year-old to Rattlesnake Point to go on a hike, something that they had never done before and he didn't even take his phone; something was deliberate here. This petition is meant to convince those that have stronger connections with the courts and law-making to make a law that states that any parent filing for custody must be supervised until the trial is over. There are too many cases that custody battles get taken to the extent that they do not need to be taken to. Many of the amber alerts that we received throughout the year of 2019 were due to custody battles. Let's make a difference so that Keira's death was for a cause and that many children after Keira don't have to experience the horrors of custody battles.